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Get ready for winter

Winter conditions can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or over, and people with long-term conditions. We want to help you and those you care for stay well this winter. 

Keep warm

This may help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia.

Common winter illnesses

Some health problems, such as asthma, sore throat and cold sores, are triggered or worsened by cold weather.

Get a flu jab

Flu vaccination is offered free of charge to people who are at risk, pregnant women, carers and some young children to ensure that they are protected against catching flu and developing serious complications.


The Antibiotics Awareness Campaign

Antibiotics are used to treat or prevent some types of bacterial infection. They work by killing bacteria or preventing them from reproducing and spreading. However, bacteria can adapt and find ways to survive the effects of an antibiotic.