There are a number of practices open on Saturdays and Sundays in Westminster. You can either walk in or book a same day appointment, and you do not need to be registered at one of these practices to use this service:


North West London Medical Centre
56 Maida Vale
London, W9 1PP
Tel 020 7624 4433
Open 8am to 4pm




The Connaught Square Practice
41 Connaught Square
London, W2 2HL
Tel 020 7402 4026
Open 10am to 6pm




Pimlico Health at the Marven Surgery
15 Denbigh Street,
London, SW1V 2HF
Tel 020 7834 6969
Open 10am to 6pm




Lanark Medical Centre
3rd Floor, 165 Lanark Road
London, W9 1NZ
Tel 020 7624 8616
Open 10am to 6pm




Half Penny Steps
427-429 Harrow Rd
London, W10 4RE
Tel 020 8962 8700
Open 10am to 4pm